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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Minute Update for German Night!

Last Minute Update:

The speaker line-up for tonight's meeting has changed. Your chapter leader, Karen will be leading the evening solo. Don't forget to bring along a German dish, or something that goes well with German food. After dinner, the presentation will include demonstrations on how to make 2 popular traditional German dishes: Käsespaetzle mit Speck (noodles with cheese & bacon) and Bratwurst.

And in case you're wondering what's on the menu ...

A sampling of homemade German spreads to go on traditional German bread, including:

Griebenschmalz (a spread of lard & duck fat seasoned with bits of bacon, ham, apples, onions & herbs)

Grassfed beef & liver Tartare (seasoned with egg, gurken, anchovies, shallots, sea salt & herbs)

Quark (homemade German spreadable cheese) with roasted garlic & herbs

German grass-fed cultured butter

Sahne-Quark (the same cheese as above in desert style with raw cream) with raw honey, black current jelly, & berries

As well as:

Homemade gluten-free Spaetzle with cheese and fresh chopped smoked bacon

Warm, sweet-and-sour traditional Red Cabbage


4 Types of Homemade German Sausages with Sauerkraut

See you tonight!

Karen Voelkening-Behegan, MA, NTP
Pasadena CA Chapter Leader

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