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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our December 2013 Potluck Dinner Meeting: A Holiday Gathering with the West LA-Santa Monica Chapter

All reports indicate that our December potluck dinner meeting was a big success.  After a last-minute change that moved our meeting from Thursday 12/19 in Sierra Madre to Tuesday 12/17 in Los Angeles, many of our devoted members were still able to trek down to the 8 Espressos Coffeehouse in LA to mingle with our friends at the West LA-Santa Monica Chapter. Though I wasn't able to attend the meeting, my loyal co-leader Aaron Zober did, and will be posting his report soon.  Many thanks to the founding leader of the West LA-Santa Monica Chapter, Victoria Bloch for enthusiastically encouraging a chapter mingler for the holidays.  The combined meeting went so well that we're already talking about doing it again.  Just keep an eye on the schedule for updates.

Happy New Year!  May you make many joyous and healthy leaps forward in 2014!

~ Your Chapter Leader, Karen

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